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We now have our flagging software available for sale : 300.00 a month unlimited campaigns or 5,000.00 for lifetime license or if you would like us to do the flagging for you, read below!

Are your ads getting flagged or do you see someone who keeps posting the same annnoying ads over and over again? We have the answers to your problem.

Craigslist has become a great source of income for a lot of people. With the advent of craigslist pva  or phone verified accounts, it seems that it is getting more and more difficult to make a living from craigslist. With all of the other things you have to worry about, now you have to worry about getting your ads flagged off craigslist after you created your craigslist pva and posted your ads

Instead of investing in getting more phone verified accounts, You have a choice, are you going to let someone else take food off your table? Each time they flag your ad, that is less money in your pocket and less food on your table .

We are the best craigslist flagging company.

A lot of the very competetive sections on craigslist that have a lot of flagging action that are literally making people homeless because they don’t know how to fight back, they don’t know how to flag their competitors ads successfully.

Competitively flagged sections on craigslist:

1. Furniture

2.Car Sales

3. Moving Services

4. Computer Services

Don’t just sit there and let these people take your lunch! You have to fight back and flag their ads. For just 10.00 a day, we will set up a dedicated computer that will flag your competitors ads 24/7 removing an unlimited number of ads. The 10.00 is a great investment for you as you know that every ad they keep up is a call that you don’t get and that is worth more than 10.00

We know that there are some people like you who are just trying to put food on your table and are being bullied by other people in the craigslist circuit. This is what we do for you.

1. We set up a dedicated computer system with local ip address to the area you want to flag

2. We scour the site based on keywords, price or tags that help us find your enemies/ competitors.

3. We flag all of their ads until removed for a whole day for only 10.00 a day.

Costs: We remove and delete craigslist ads at the following rates (all prices are for a dedicated machine flagging craigslist ads 24/7)

$10.00 per day

$50 per week

$200 per month

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